Resignation from the TSC

Ray Kinsella


With sadness, I formally resign from the TSC. My last meeting as a TSC member will be the 18th of August. is a truly innovative Open Source project, that I have immensely enjoyed working on over the past 6 years. As TSC members we have worked through many conferences, mini-summits, webinars, code contributions, white papers, licensing issues, outages, with the very occasional storm in a teacup, and have I enjoyed every moment.

The collaborations in the community are awesome, and its contributors are always welcoming and innovative. I wish it every continued success into the future. Go n-eirí an bóthar libh, may the road rise to meet you.

In future, my friend and colleague John DiGiglio will cover the TSC meeting for Intel Corporation.

Thank you,

Ray K

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