CSIT/VPP-16.06 test report posted

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

We have finally posted a complete CSIT test report for VPP-v16.06 on FD.io CSIT wiki here:

Many thanks to the FD.io CSIT Team who from scratch built the CSIT system for automated
functional and performance test verification of VPP code within the FD.io project!!

Thanks to all CSIT Committers who made it happen:

    Jan Gelety
    Matej Klotton
    Stefan Kobza
    Carsten Koester
    Maciek Konstantynowicz
    Miroslav Miklus
    Dave Wallace 

and all CSIT Contributors:

    Matus Fabian
    Peter Mikus
    Tibor Frank
    Samuel Elias
    Juraj Sloboda
    Patrik Hrnciar
    Andrej Kozemcak
    Zdeno Olsovsky
    Filip Tehlar
    Aurélien Degeorges
    Andrew Grimberg

as well as all of VPP Committers and Contributors for guidance and bearing with us while
working thru the CSIT teething problems :)

Many thanks also to LF IT lab and ci-management teams for working thru and resolving all 
infrastructure issues we have encountered over the last few months.

Looking forward to keep developing CSIT and driving VPP code to new heights in terms
of functionality and performance!


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