Re: Project Proposal for NSH-Based Service Function Chaining

Zhou, Danny <danny.zhou@...>

Hi Jim,


I have a few comments below after reviewing the proposal:

1)      Do we need to add a bullet mentioning to-be-supported NSH transport, such as VxLAN-GPE, GRE and Ethernet. I think VxLAN-GPE and GRE are mandatory, and Ethernet is optional.

2)      How about add “Support NSH Timestamping” to the miscellaneous section. We have a DPDK based PoC to implement IETF draft per customer requirement about breakdown of end-to-end SFC latency to diagnostic potentiation performance issue. It is based on MD Type 2 so should be a middle term feature, but like NSH traceroute it will be very useful in the production environment.

3)      Can we add “Support TCP proxy for symmetric L4 flows”. Though this feature depends on VPP to add L4 protocol, it will be very useful for including those stateful L4-l7 network services to SFC in the long term.




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Subject: Project Proposal for NSH-Based Service Function Chaining


Please accept this project proposal for NSH-based Service Function Chaining for consideration. We would like to request scheduling for the first TSC meeting after 2 weeks have passed to allow for public review. 


Thank you!

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