Re: information visiblity

Ole Troan


For those of us working on this project, we know to look at the wiki, and after a little while where on the wiki to look for information.

For an outsider trying to get information, they start from the page.
If they are looking for information on our projects, they have to guess that they should look under “community”, and then go to the “developer wiki” (even though they are not a developer) and then find the projects.

It seems like it would help if would clearly identify some of the information from the wiki that is of use to visitors.
I know we can correct this directly, but I believe we can ask LF staff to do so?
Do others share this concern?
Yes, very much so. 3-4 clicks to get you where you want to go, and I've also heard from others that they struggle to find where the source code is.

If we contrast it with (which I find very user friendly) everything is on the front page.

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