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Edward Warnicke

One  suggestion I would have would be to do a phased transition, with a 'topic' in the existing infra channels set to direct folks to lf-releng, and a period (3 months?, 6 months?) of keeping a presence on the existing channels, to be used  to politely request bouncing conversations that arise in them to lf-releng... this way folks can get used to it, and in worst case, see in the topic where to go :)


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On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 6:38 PM, Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

We'd like to pitch an idea to have #opendaylight-releng irc channel redirect to a new #lf-releng channel. Something that's occurred to us is that many of the networking at LF projects have their own separate releng channels in which folks typically ask JJB related questions. Each of these channels are typically moderately active.

Something we've been thinking about is the idea of merging all these releng channels into #lf-releng which we're hoping can combine the communities JJB experts so that JJB and other releng related questions can be more broadly asked.



Hi Everyone,

For those that don't know me. I am one of the release engineers working on the OpenDaylight project. I've added the, opnfv, and onap communities to this list to get feedback on the idea proposed above. Let me know if there's other mailing lists in the respective projects we should be cc'ing to include in the discussions.

I'd like to hear from the, opnfv, and onap for their thoughts on the proposal to create a single lf-releng channel on IRC and have all the respective releng channels redirect to it. Since our respective releng projects use similar technologies like JJB, Jenkins, etc... it might be a benefit to pool together our expertise so that it is easier to ask questions to the broader community when we need help with things like JJB, Gerrit, etc...

You can follow the discussion thread so far from the ODL community discussed here:


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