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George Zhao

Thanks Abhijit, this makes things much more clear now.


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I just talked with Casey and have received more clarifications – and I now understand that the plans are in alignment with what the ODL community had voted for. As the ODL community will recall, the community had voted for the ODL DDF to be held before the ONS – please check the TSC meeting minutes on April 19 below:


Neon DDF (abhijitkumbhare, 17:31:53)

a.       DDF poll says 38% want it before ONS in amsterdam, 21% want it after ONS in amsterdam.

b.       total of 26 votes for DDF

c.       dfarrell07 points out that doing DDF before will prevent attendees from having conference fatigue

Casey assures me that the plan is to have the DDF to be in Amsterdam before the ONS Europe. He is currently targeting it to be September 20 and 21 – the ONS Europe is September 25-27. We can discuss if Sept 23-24 (Sunday/Monday) makes more sense to save the costs for folks traveling to both ONS & the DDF at this week’s TSC meeting. But overall I think we are good and aligned to what the ODL community voted on.


As I had noted in an earlier email (text below) my confusion was that the DDF not co-located with ONS Europe meant no DDF – hence I had raised an objection. But now that I have received clarifications from both Casey & the previous email from Ray Paik – no objections from me.


My point is that the individual projects need their developer forums. If the developer forum is not included in the main ONS – the burden will fall on the individual projects to organize developer forums themselves. This will make it hard for a developer forum to happen. Having a few project-focused sessions inside the main ONS is not a substitute for the project developer forum. And besides, the project focused topics rarely get accepted into the main ONS event.


For all these reasons, if we cannot have developer forums co-located with the ONS, I was suggesting a separate co-located developer forum for the 5-6 projects. If we cannot implement this suggestion – then please implement some other solution which keeps the developer forum intact.



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Subject: [+ + TAC] Brief update on ONS Europe format


There seems to be some confusion born of communication breakdown around ONS EU, LFN, community events etc.


Communication breakdown is best addressed by fostering communication, so I am looping in the TSC and the TAC into this thread in the hopes that talking about things will help.  I would encourage leaders from other communities in LFN to do likewise as appropriate for their communities. 



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Abhijit makes a very good point that I wanted to expand on a little. 


Co-located DDFs with the ONS makes a lot of sense and has long been the reported M.O. for consolidating the various project-specific

events into a single one.  Breaking the DDFs into project-specific ones returns us to that model which I thought had been decided as suboptimal

about 2 years ago when it was announced that the ONS was a consolidation point.  Using a consolidated  model such as the one employed by 

Openstack, has many benefits beyond the obvious such as it allows for a few things beyond the split of developer-meetings or non-dev tracks. 

These events are a convenient meeting location for developers, remote co-workers, non-developers, partners, users, network operators 

that might otherwise not flock to a DDF-only event.






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My response.


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The proposal will likely be very unpopular with the individual project communities. It sounds like the LF Events would like to do the following:

  1. avoid the cost of a co-located developer forum
  2. avoid the hassle of managing the developer forum – and leave the organization of developer forums to the projects themselves
  3. Due to the two points above, they are also proposing a pseudo-solution of having project-focused content into the ONS main tracks.


This leads to the following problems:

  1. The work of organizing project specific developer forums will be pushed to individual projects – with each project duplicating the organization efforts for their individual forum. Also the project developers should not end up with the organizing task – as opposed to writing code.
  2. In the last 2-3 ONS, the individual communities have rarely got talks accepted. This has made the main ONS itself lack in content technically – which was a feedback I heard from even the non-engineers (product managers) that I met.


So why does the LFN not consider having an event similar to the OpenStack PTG for the project developer forums – and keep the ONS be in the lines of OpenStack Summit? That way the LFN staff can organize a co-located event for all the 5-6 LFN projects with technical tracks for each of them? This will not put the developer forum organizing burden on individual projects. Also the number of participants will be limited to project developers.


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Subject: Brief update on ONS Europe format


Hi folks,  


I've been in touch with the LF Events team about the form ONS Europe is taking, as I know there have been some questions about that. (Note: the event is run by LF Events, not the the LFN Marketing team/MAC. We have responsibility for things that are specifically LFN business--eg the LFN projects booth--but most of the planning is outside of our immediate purview, as is most of the cost of the event!) Please share the following info within your respective communities:


In response to feedback we received from ONS North America this year we will be making some content-specific changes to ONS Europe 2018, and all ONS events moving forward. 


Instead of hosting co-located developer forums and workshops, we will expand the ONS program to include project-based technical content. ONS Europe will be 3 days, and ONS North America will be 4 days moving forward in order to make sure we can fit in all the relevant content, both project-based and not, for the event attendees. This will also allow projects to plan their dev forums at the most appropriate times throughout the year, without having to try and align with the ONS conference cycles, and will keep those dev forums lower cost/no cost. 


We plan to continue with our existing tracks, but will integrate project-focused content within those tracks as opposed to having mini-summits or project specific tracks; we’re choosing to do this in order to replicate the open networking community as whole in terms of harmonization and integration.


We encourage the entire open networking community to submit to speak at ONS Europe 2018 by Sunday, June 24, 2018.


Projects who wish to host board or TSC meetings in conjunction with ONS Europe 2018 can touch base directly with the Event Services team. We will not be holding co-located project-specific workshops with ONS in the future, in an effort to get all project-focused technical content into the main ONS agenda. If a Dev Forum does align with an ONS event and there is a decision by LFN/projects to co-locate the Dev Forum, it will not be considered part of ONS so that there is no confusion around what has a cost/what doesn't etc.


Please don't hesitate to contact your favorite LFN staff members or the LF Events team directly if you have questions or suggestions for ONS Europe.


Cheers, Lisa






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