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Mathieu Lemay <mlemay@...>

Congrats Maros ;)

On Apr 12, 2016 03:51, "Maros Marsalek -X (mmarsale - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco)" <mmarsale@...> wrote:

Hello Honeycomb committers, TSC members,


The nominations and election for Honeycomb - PTL have ended and here are the results:



-        Maros Marsalek, mmarsale@.... Election results: +5 (5 committers voted)


So I guess it's pretty clear and from now on, I (Maros Marsalek, mmarsale@...) will be the PTL for Honeycomb project.


The nominations and election can be found on HC mailing list: with subject “ Honeycomb - PTL Call For Nominations”.


Best Regards,

Maros Marsalek


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Subject: [honeycomb-dev] Honeycomb - PTL Call For Nominations


Hello Honeycomb committers,


Since Honeycomb is now officially an project, I would like to start the process of Project lead nomination & election.

Only existing Honeycomb committers can nominate themselves by replying to this email (reply-all).


Nominations are open until April 8th 1:00 AM PST.

After that, election will be held ending on April 12th 1:00 AM PST.


Best Regards,

Maros Marsalek

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