Can we move csit-dev to slack pls?

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Hello There,

We are about to ship CSIT-18.10. It’s a good release I think.
A lot of good work went into it.

Same for VPP-18.10.

But I think we could do better, as an LFN community, LF and
open-source at large. We could be more engaging..

We need “new” and “young” and “energetic” “blood”.
We need more Good Code and Test Do’ers.

The way to do it is via interaction, we all know it.
Email sort of works, but is like sending letters,
it takes time to process them, and if it’s many of
them, it’s hard to have engaging conversation(s).

Human to human interactive is the way to go, and IM / IRC
fulfilled this role so far. It sort of works. It sort of
facilitates interaction. But it doesn’t drive it.

Google in the past tried to address it by combining
IM with email, they called it “googlewave”. Didn’t really
take off, too much of an old world.

I started to use Slack to collaborate with CNCF
people (thanks Ed!). I don’t like new tools, and my first
days with Slack were no exception. Then somehow
I was in need, managing situation with people having
family health issues, having to fill in the skills
to deliver on the deadline for CNCF Dan Kohn keynote
speech at Kubecon Seattle on 11-Dec. And that’s where
Slack helped, big time. Within 48hrs we had gaps
filled, people on-boarded, and code being pushed into
repos, tested, and so on. Seemingly impossible, became
possible. And we are now (almost) ready for Dan’s
keynote - have few weeks to test things to generate
the data Dan asked for, we should be good,
subject to things getting in the way, but that’s always
the risk one takes. Now it happened thanks to Slack.

That’s why I would like to ask if it’s possible to
move from existing freenode IRC to Slack. It will make
our collaborative project work simpler, it will make
collaboration simpler, it will help grow project faster.
In my view. There are probably other views..

Many thanks for reading so far.. And thanks in advance
for considering this request.

( CSIT PTL hat on)

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