Re: ONE PTL call for nomination

Florin Coras

Hello ONE committers, TSC members,
The nominations and election for ONE - PTL have ended and here are the results:
-        Florin Coras, fcoras@.... Election results: +2 (2 out of 3 committers voted)

Thereby, I’ll be the PTL for the ONE project. Looking forward to working with all of you!

The nominations and the election can be found here [1] and respectively here [2]. 


On Apr 14, 2016, at 3:06 AM, Florin Coras <fcoras.lists@...> wrote:

ONE committers,

Since ONE is now officially an project, we need to elect a Project Technical Lead (PTL). Candidates must be committers and must self nominate.

So, if you would like to stand as a candidate for ONE PTL and you are a ONE committer, please self nominate.

Nominations are open until April 17th 1:00 AM PST. After that, election will be held ending on April 21st 1:00 AM PST.


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