Re: Please add two discussion points to TSC meeting

Damjan Marion

On 19 Dec 2018, at 11:09, Marco Varlese <mvarlese@...> wrote:

On Wed, 2018-12-19 at 08:49 +0100, Damjan Marion wrote:

On 19 Dec 2018, at 08:41, Marco Varlese <mvarlese@...> wrote:
Hi Ed,

On Tue, 2018-12-18 at 13:04 -0600, Edward Warnicke wrote:

I believe SPDX is already on the agenda. Feel free to add Python 3 as well.  Please do note that the next TSC meeting is January 10th.  
Cool; I booked my calendar for the 10th Jan. 
I'd like to take the opportunity to wish everybody in the TSC a happy holiday season!!!

One other thing to note, while the TSC can encourage things like SPDX adoption and is a good venue for discussing things like that which are cross project... we cannot *mandate*, we can only persuade.
Yes, absolutely. That's totally understood by me. 
All I would like to do is: raise awareness and see if and where SPDX can find a home within the community. I'm sure that when people start seeing and feeling the benefits of it then the adoption will happen without forcing it. 

Is this mainly about finding a volunteer to go around the source tree and do search/replace exercise?
Well... that sounds harsh to be honest.

Sorry, so there is more bureaucracy work than?

Eventually, that's what would need to happen if SPDX is accepted.

good to know.

Or i missed something? :)

However, what I said is "raise awareness" because I haven't seen any talk/discussion/feeling around the use of SPDX and I believe that getting a feeling from the TSC is the first thing which needs to happen.

Seems like right topic for TSC!

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