Hybrid ICN hicn - 19.01 release is out

Luca Muscariello

Hi everyone,


I’m very happy to announce that the first hICN release is out.


hICN 19.01 release makes use of VPP 19.01 and artifacts are

available on package cloud.



hICN (hybrid ICN) is composed of a server stack (network + transport)

based on VPP and a client portable stack (macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, iOS, Android).

hICN makes use of VPP through a new plugin and also by using libmemif

as network/transport connector.



More information about the project can be found

in the wiki page



The team is already engaging in several projects such as

VPP and sweetcomb and willing to engage with other projects

such as CSIT, GoVPP in the first place, for both testing and

network management.


hICN makes also use of CICN contributions such as libparc

to support crypto APIs and OS portability.



Many thanks to Ed and Vanessa for setting everything up in a

very short time. Frankly, we cannot think about a better support.


Thanks and hope to working with you in the future.



on behalf of the team.