2 Upcoming FD.io Webinars

Brandon Wick

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We are pleased to announce 2 webinars for the FD.io Project. We encourage you to learn more and register today. See the LFN Webinars Calendar here and let us know if you have an idea for an LFN Webinar.

July 1, 2021: How to build secure Terabit Network Services with FD.io technologies: Maciek Konstantynowicz, Cisco; Ray Kinsella, Intel

Learn how FD.io is used to build secure Terabit NaaS cloud networking, a.k.a. SASE, and FD.io VPP and CSIT projects’ critical roles in this. FD.io project is industry leading in providing production-ready open-source technologies and tooling to build secure and fast modern cloud VPNs, including support of encrypted overlays such as IPsec, TLS, QUIC, WireGuard and more.
In this talk, you will learn: i) How FD.io VPP achieves near-linear multi-core horizontal scaling and leverages platform optimizations to achieve Terabit speeds; ii) How FD.io CSIT benchmarking methodologies and tooling ensure the consistency of performance and robustness of Terabit-ready product built with FD.io VPP technologies and iii) How these came together recently on an Intel Xeon Icelake scalable processor family to break the barrier of Terabit rate IPsec on a single dual-socketed Intel Platform (with zero frame loss).

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July 22, 2021: Calico/VPP : Kubernetes networking with boosters : Chris Tomkins, Developer Advocate, Project Calico/Tigera; Nathan Skrzypczak, Software Engineer, Cisco

Kubernetes has become the de facto solution when it comes to container networking, providing rich functionalities and abstractions. But some class of workloads put a huge performance burden on these implementations. Think big data, storage, analytics, 5G, virtual network functions, requiring encryption at a 40Gbps line rate, or multiple million of packets per second. Typically applications that are used to have dedicated NICs and physical hardware. In order to address this, we took the best of both worlds, combining Calico, the popular cloud native Kubernetes network plugin, with VPP, a very fast and scalable userspace packet processing software. In this talk we will cover how we provide line rate networking for those applications while keeping Kubernetes benefits, and what super powers this enables us to bring to the pods.

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Brandon Wick
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
The Linux Foundation