Log Retention

Vanessa Valderrama

FDio now has S3 logging enabled. Logs are now available on Nexus and S3, see the URLs below. We're now in the planning phase for the Nexus decommission.


  • We'll need to migrate old logs from Nexus to S3. Please let us know the log retention requirement for your project.
Accessing Logs


  • We are working with RTD to gain access to the FDio RTD account that was setup by a member of the community. Once we have access to manage the account, we'll begin the discussion for the docs migration

A special thanks to Dave Wallace for all his work which helped to get the S3 logging in place for FDio.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding S3 logs or the Nexus decommission. If you experience any issues with logging, please open a request at support.linuxfoundation.org.

Thank you,