[csit-dev] FD.io CSIT-2110 Release Report is published

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

Big thanks to FD.io community contributors and supporters that enabled this data-rich publication.
Great job everyone!


On 10 Nov 2021, at 18:12, Tibor Frank via lists.fd.io <tifrank=cisco.com@...> wrote:

Hi All,
FD.io CSIT-2110 report is now available on FD.io docs site:
Another successful release! Many thanks to all contributors in CSIT and
VPP communities for making it happen.
See below for CSIT-2110 release summary and pointers to specific
sections in the report.
Welcome all comments, best by email to csit-dev@....
CSIT-2110 Release Summary
- Intel Xeon Ice Lake: Added test data for these platforms. Current CSIT-2110
  report data for Intel Xeon Ice Lake comes from an external source (Intel
  labs running CSIT code on “8360Y D Stepping” and “6338N” processors).
- MLRsearch improvements: Added support for multiple packet throughput rates
  in a single search, each rate is associated with a distinct Packet Loss Ratio
  (PLR) criterion. Previously only Non Drop Rate (NDR) (PLR=0) and single
  Partial Drop Rate (PDR) (PLR<0.5%) were supported. Implemented number of
  optimizations improving rate discovery efficiency.
- TREX performance tests: Added initial tests for testing latency between 2
  ports on nic on the TRex. Added tests: IP4Base, IP4scale2m, IP6Base,
  IP6scale2m, L2bscale1mmaclrn.
- CSIT test environment version has been updated to ver. 8: Intel NIC 700/800
  series firmware upgrade based on DPDK compatibility matrix.
- CSIT in AWS environment: Added CSIT support for AWS c5n instances
Pointers to CSIT-2110 Report sections
1. FD.io CSIT test methodology          [1]
2. VPP release notes                    [2]
3. VPP 64B/IMIX throughput graphs       [3]
4. VPP throughput speedup multi-core    [4]
5. VPP latency under load               [5]
6. VPP comparisons v21.10 vs. v21.06    [6]
7. VPP performance all pkt sizes & NICs [7]
8. DPDK 21.08 apps release notes        [8]
9. DPDK 64B throughput graphs           [9]
10. DPDK latency under load             [10]
11. DPDK comparisons 21.08 vs. 21.02    [11]
12. TRex 2.88 apps release notes        [12]
13. TRex 64B throughput graphs          [13]
14. TRex latency under load             [14]
Functional device tests (VPP_Device) are also included in the report.