LAST CHANCE: Register for the LFN Developer & Testing Forum (January 10-13)

Brandon Wick

LFN Technical Communities, 

The next LFN Developer & Testing Forum will be held January 10-13, 2022. Once again we will be virtually gathering the LFN project technical communities to progress our releases; discuss project architecture, direction, and integration points; and further innovate through the open source networking stack. Session topics will cover the following projects and initiatives: Anuket, EMCO,, ONAP, OpenDaylight, Tungsten Fabric, XGVela, 5G Super Blueprint, End User Advisory Group, L3AF, and Magma.

We will use a combination of online tools to create a productive and interactive virtual meeting environment. The event is free of cost and registration is required

Learn more on the event planning wiki page

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Please send programming questions to ccain@..., and event logistical questions to events@....


Brandon Wick
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
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