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i removed mspanik from honeycomb. vseereer currently does not have committer rights for honeycomb.

Thank you,

On Wed Nov 16 03:54:03 2016, mmarsale@... wrote:
Thanks for all the details.

I mentioned affiliation because the only contact I have is through the
non-working affiliated email. Considering also meritocratic matters
(there are 0 and 2 commits from those committers in honeycomb) I don’t
think there’s need for keeping those committer seats any longer. So I
hereby revoke committer status for:

- Matej Spanik LF-ID: mspanik

- Varun Seereeram LF-ID: vseereer

Helpdesk (CCed) please remove their rights for Honeycomb project.


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To: Maros Marsalek -X (mmarsale - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco)
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Subject: Re: [tsc] Honeycomb inactive committers removal

Let me separate my comments into a brief point on governance, and then
my own personal (non-binding) opinion.

As a matter of governance, removing committers is governed by:

"A Committer for a project who is disruptive, or has been inactive on
that project for an extended period (e.g., six or more months) may
have his or her Committer status revoked by the project’s Project
Technical Leader (PTL) or by super-majority vote of the project’s

The Project Technical Leader is responsible for informing the
Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of any committers who are removed
or resign."

As PTL, you can remove inactive committers. While the TSC should be
informed, it need not approve. You have handles these points of
governance well. Please also note that corporate affiliation does not
have anything to do with any process around committers being added or
removed, nor should it, those should be purely meritocratic matters.

As a matter of personal opinion, when asked at various times by PTLs
how to handle removal of committers, I will typically counsel reaching
out to inactive committers privately to ask if they wish to remain
committers. If they do not, I counsel asking them to resign rather
than removing them (to my taste, it is more seemly). If they do wish
to remain committers, I will usually counsel forbearance, at least for
a time, as I have seen committers who do remain interested return to
activity after an absence. Please note, none of this paragraph is
binding in any way, all of it is simply my personal advice. Feel free
to follow or disregard it in whole or in part as you see fit :)


On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 3:23 AM, Maros Marsalek -X (mmarsale -
<mmarsale@...<mailto:mmarsale@...>> wrote:
Hello TSC members,

We have identified 2 committers in honeycomb project who:
- Haven’t been active in Honeycomb for the past 6 months

- Are no longer affiliated with the company, under which they
have registered as committers

The committers are

- Matej Spanik

– contribution history for Honeycomb

o LF-ID: mspanik

o mspanik@...<mailto:mspanik@...>

- Varun Seereeram

– contribution history for Honeycomb

o LF-ID: vseereer,

o vseereer@...<mailto:vseereer@...>

I would like to thank both of them for their help, but perhaps it is
the right time to remove their accounts from HC’s committer lists,
considering their mail addresses no longer exist. Allowing developers
with more time for Honeycomb to take their place.

What do TSC members think ?


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