Topics talks at ONS EU in AMS last week

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)

FYI, here are the Compressed PDF copies of slides presented at EU Open Network Summit in Amsterday.
Some material has been out there but got adopted. Some is nett new, produced by speakers/authors.
On-site response was good, let’s see what the survey says.. if we ever see the results.
If we’re not invited back we will know though ;)

Posted on presentations side:

1. Accelerate the Development of Cloud-native VNFs - Giles Heron & Maciek Konstantynowicz, Cisco
Material by: Giles, Maciek, Damjan Marion et al.
Wednesday, September 26 • 13:50 - 14:20

2. High Performance Cloud Native Networking: K8s Unleashing - Maciek Konstantynowicz & Giles Heron, Cisco
Material by: Giles, Maciek, Jerome Tollet et al.
Thursday, September 27 • 13:50 - 14:20

Both linked from main presentations wiki: (scroll to bottom of the table)