FD.io Webinar This Week "VPP in your home lab? Yep. Right now."

Brandon Wick

LFN Community, 

This is a reminder that the FD.io project is hosting a webinar this coming Wednesday, March 24th, at 8:00 AM PT. Learn More & Register Here.

VPP in your home lab? Yep. Right now.
Vector Packet Processing (VPP) enables astounding software packet processing. It represents where the world is heading for many packet processing needs across edge networking, cloud native networking, and 5G infrastructure.
Many network engineers are aware of VPP, but really don’t have a fast, easy way to try it out for themselves, just to see what it’s all about. But if they could, who knows what they might do with it?

Good news. There is a way to kick the VPP tires!

One of the companies that has integrated FD.io’s VPP into a high-performance software edge router solution is Netgate. Netgate has a free version of VPP, ready to go as a product, known as TNSR. TNSR integrates a number of open source projects – VPP, DPDK, FRR, strongSwan and Clixon – into a ready to install, configure and deploy high speed router.

In this webinar we will hear directly from three independent network engineers on how they got interested in VPP, how quickly and easily they were able to install and test it for their needs, and what outcome they achieved.

VPP is for real. It is seeing rapid and broad commercial deployment. But it is still early. We at FD.io would like to see as many network engineers becoming familiar with it as possible!

Learn how you can do this in your home or work lab – right now, for free!
In this webinar, Audian Paxson from Netgate will walk through how this is done while engaging with end users of the technology: Mike Jennings. Voxtelesys; Dan Streufert, ADS-B Exchange; and Jerry Wilson, Region 5 ESC for their insights.


Brandon Wick
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
The Linux Foundation