Lijian Zhang nomination for TSC

Maciek Konstantynowicz (mkonstan)


Following discussion about TSC evolution, specifically TSC appointed members
per tech community doc (links [0] and [1]), I would like to propose
Lijian Zhang from Arm as a candidate for TSC.

Summary of Lijian's work and contribution below:

Lijian Zhang has worked on VPP/aarch64 project since June 2018. He has
contributed patches [2] to support Arm features and optimize VPP performance
on Arm servers [3]. Collaborating with community working on VPP/aarch64, he
worked on enabling VPP CI/CD [4] and CSIT performance testing on Arm servers
[5]. He managed the shipment of 2x ThunderX2 servers to lab in 2020
[6] and is currently coordinating the shipment of 2x Ampere Altra servers to lab now.

Lijian knows software optimization on Arm architecture and has connection with
the Arm partners. He is actively promoting VPP within Arm ecosystem.

Lijian joined Arm in 2018, and leads a small team working on open source
Networking projects in Arm. Prior to that, he has 10 years working experience
developing software for ASIC based switchs and routers in Cisco and ZTE.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.