ONES NA Moving to Virtual & ONES EU Canceled

Brandon Wick

LFN Communities:

Due to continuing COVID-19 safety concerns, the Linux Foundation is transitioning Open Networking & Edge Summit North America to a virtual experience September 28-29 on the US Pacific Standard Time Zone (originally planned to take place on the same dates in Los Angeles, California).  

As our physical event shifts to a virtual one, know that we are taking thoughtful actions to create an immersive digital experience that provides attendees with interactive content and collaboration experiences. Attendees will have the ability to network with other attendees, attend presentations with live Q&A, interact with sponsors real time and much more -- all virtually, from anywhere. 

We have now reached out to all event sponsors and regoistants, so if this applies to you, please look for this email. Thanks for your patience while we have continued to navigate through this fluid situation. While we are saddened to have to transition another face to face meeting, we do think we’ll be able to replicate a lot of the experience and we’re looking forward to giving the networking & edge communities a new forum in which to collaborate and grow.

After giving this some thought, we've decided to move forward with a cancellation of Open Networking & Edge Summit Europe this year entirely.

We'll have more information to share about the event format and structure down the road. In the meantime, if you have any ONES questions, please direct them to: events@....


Brandon Wick
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager
The Linux Foundation