RFC: FD.io Summit (Userspace), September, Bordeaux France

Ray Kinsella <mdr@...>

Hi folks,

A 2020 FD.io event is something that has been discussed a number of times recently at the FD.io TSC.
With the possibility of co-locating such an event with DPDK Userspace, in Bordeaux, in September.

Clearly, we are incredibly eager to make sure that such an event would be a success.
That FD.io users and contributors would attend, and get value out of the event.
(it is a ton of work for those involved - we want people to benefit)

The likelihood is that this would be the only FD.io event of this kind in 2020.

So instead of speculating, it is better to ask a direct question to the community and ask for honest feedback.
How does the community feel about such an event at DPDK Userspace:-

* Do they value co-locating with DPDK Userspace?
* Are they likely to attend?


Ray K