Sweetcomb 19.04 Released

Ni, Hongjun

Hey all,


The Sweetcomb 19.04 Release is out !


Packages can be downloaded from Package Cloud:


Many thanks to all contributors and members for your great contribution and help!


Below are Sweetcomb 19.04 release notes:


# Features

## Northbound Interface

- Init gNMI Server


## NAT

- Add IETF NAT Yang Models.

- Add IETF NAT Translation Layer.

- Add IETF NAT test cases.


## High Availability

- Add vpp health check.


## Code Refactor

- Code global cleanup.

- Refactor build system.

- Rework scvpp to be only interface with VAPI.

- Rework interface and local routing to leverage new scvpp.


## Test Framework

- Add unit test framework.

- Add unit test suite for interface and local routing.

- Build docker environment to test integration of sweetcomb and VPP.


Thanks you all,


On behalf of the team