[Terminology] Guidance for NIST Staff on Using Inclusive Language in Documentary Standards (NISTIR 8366)

Edward Warnicke

:). NIST is definitely more together than most :).  https://inclusivenaming.org/ (INI) is trying to bring together folks from all across the industry to work on it, and avoid the ’Tower of Babel’ problem :)

Recently got some nice coverage in the NYT as well: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/technology/racist-computer-engineering-terms-ietf.html (sadly it didn’t go well for IETF in that article… though my sense is they literally started getting traction the week after it went to print, and INI is working with IETF :)


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In the inclusive language discussion, folks had asked what other bodies are doing.  The IETF is still spinning.
It struck me that the below note from NIST provides pointers to a number of good starting points if we need to get more careful.
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Subject: [Terminology] Guidance for NIST Staff on Using Inclusive Language in Documentary Standards (NISTIR 8366)
Today, NIST has published this Internal Report on "using inclusive language" publicly, in part because it may be useful to other standards groups interested in clarity and inclusiveness of terminology.
Blog post/announcement:
NISTIR 8366:
I think both the blog post and the report itself do a good job of describing the particular goals, including some examples (but not especially long lists), and pointing to other resources that might be useful for writing standards that are clear and respectful to a wide range of readers.
Hope this helps,
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