VPP 18.10 RC2 milestone complete!!!

Marco Varlese <mvarlese@...>

Dear all,

I have created the v18.10-rc2 tag on stable/1810.
VPP 18.10 Release Milestone RC2 is complete!

As a reminder, the VPP 18.10 Final Release is in one week:
Wednesday October 24, 2018.

It is important that only bugs which address critical issues (as determined by
the VPP committers), ideally limited to addressing bugs found by CSIT testing,
are pushed to stable now.

Per the standard process, all bug fixes to stable branches should follow the
best practices:
* All bug fixes must be double-committed to the release throttle as well as to
the master branch
* Commit first to the release throttle, then "git cherry-pick" into master

All bug fixes need to have a Jira ticket. Please put Jira IDs into the commit
messages. Please use the same Jira ID for both the stable branch and master.

Thanks and regards,
Marco V

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