[vpp-dev] Happy Trails to Me...

Kinsella, Ray <mdr@...>


Good for you.

Let me take this opportunity to say Thank You!
for your wise stewardship and wry sense of humour over the past few years of the FD.io project,
for your bootstrapping of multiple development efforts, like the FD.io VPP TCP Stack with Florin and Team, static analysis, too many contributions to list.
and for your service to the FD.io Technical Steering Committee.

Clearly we'd rather you had hung around as FD.io VPP PTL indefinitely.
Happy trails, glad you are sticking around as a contributor.


Ray K

On 17/09/2020 15:31, dave@... wrote:

I’m departing the employment rolls towards the end of next month. Although I
intend to remain active in the fd.io vpp community as a coder, committer,
and resident greybeard, it’s time for the community to pick a new PTL.

According to the project governance document,
https://fd.io/docs/tsc/FD.IO-Technical-Community-Document-12-12-2017.pdf: Project Technical Leader Candidates 
Candidates for the project’s PTL will be derived from the Committers of the
Project. Candidates must self-nominate.

I'd like to invite any interested vpp project committer to self-nominate for
the PTL role. Please email vpp-dev@....

Let's close the self-nomination period in one week: more specifically, by
5pm EDT on Thursday, September 24, 2020; committer vote to follow

I'll be glad to answer unicast questions about the PTL role from eligible

Thanks... Dave