[vpp-dev] RFC: FD.io Summit (Userspace), September, Bordeaux France

Christian Hopps <chopps@...>

I'd be interested in attending this as long as it were in North America or Europe. It seems DPDK hasn't actually announced anything for 2020 publicly at least.


On Feb 21, 2020, at 8:52 AM, Ray Kinsella <mdr@...> wrote:

Hi folks,

A 2020 FD.io event is something that has been discussed a number of times recently at the FD.io TSC.
With the possibility of co-locating such an event with DPDK Userspace, in Bordeaux, in September.

Clearly, we are incredibly eager to make sure that such an event would be a success.
That FD.io users and contributors would attend, and get value out of the event.
(it is a ton of work for those involved - we want people to benefit)

The likelihood is that this would be the only FD.io event of this kind in 2020.

So instead of speculating, it is better to ask a direct question to the community and ask for honest feedback.
How does the community feel about such an event at DPDK Userspace:-

* Do they value co-locating with DPDK Userspace?
* Are they likely to attend?


Ray K