RFC: New model for stream messages

Ole Troan


Dave made a suggestion to get rid of the control_ping wrapper hack that we use to detect last message in a stream for dump/details.

We have implemented something in:

Instead of having to wrap dump/detail calls in control ping, send details messages in between a normal
reply / request pair. As expressed in the below service statement.


service {
rpc map_domain_dump returns map_domain_dump_reply
stream map_domain_details;

autoreply define map_domain_dump
u32 client_index;
u32 context;

define map_domain_details
u32 context;
u32 domain_index;
vl_api_ip6_prefix_t ip6_prefix;
vl_api_ip4_prefix_t ip4_prefix;
vl_api_ip6_prefix_t ip6_src;
u8 ea_bits_len;
u8 psid_offset;
u8 psid_length;
u8 flags;
u16 mtu;
string tag[limit=64];

It's backwards compatible, so only those messages that have the service definition will use the new model.
But of course all language bindings will have to support this.


Best regards,

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