Question: getting the state of each nodes via Binary API

Hiroki Shirokura

I'm trying to integrate vpp with another daemon using bin-api.
I want to get the state information of each node via VPP's bin-api.
In my understand, there is no api to get the state of each nodes (we can get only node-index by node-name), 
we can get them via VPP's cli such as following. 

DBGvpp# show runtime
Time 7.3, average vectors/node 0.00, last 128 main loops 0.00 per node 0.00
  vector rates in 0.0000e0, out 0.0000e0, drop 0.0000e0, punt 0.0000e0
             Name                 State         Calls          Vectors        Suspends         Clocks       Vectors/Call
api-rx-from-ring                any wait                 0               0               1          5.39e6            0.00
send-rs-process                 any wait                 0               0               1          3.89e3            0.00
startup-config-process            done                   1               0               1          4.22e8            0.00
statseg-collector-process       time wait                0               0               1          1.89e6            0.00
unix-cli-stdin                   active                  0               0              39          9.06e7            0.00

I need to get the STATE (such as any-wait, time-wait, .. or done) via bin-api. 
Do you know that such api was already exist?
If there is no such api, I'll send a patch.
Best regard.
Hiroki Shirokura / slankdev

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