flag day to enable API flag day process

Vratko Polak -X (vrpolak - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES at Cisco)

The main API flag document: [0].


I have most of implementation ready,

see [1] and comments there.


The missing parts is e-mail alerting

and postponing main vpp verify jobs

until API check passes (older stable/ VPP branches

are tricky to support in that way).


Please review, I would like to merge very soon.


Keeping CSIT list updated without automated

verify jobs takes some effort,

and it is pointless to add CRC checking only into CSIT

if VPP is not gated against API changes.

That is why both CSIT and ci-management parts

have to be merged together.


I will add the missing features

once the new verification is enabled.




[0] https://gerrit.fd.io/r/18356

[1] https://gerrit.fd.io/r/20708

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