vlib buffer getting overwritten over memif

Satya Murthy

Hi ,

Seeing some strange issue when using memif to transfer some messages from client to VPP.
Each of the message that we want to transfer from client to VPP is around 64 KB.

When the client sends messages ( each of size 64 KB) to VPP in quick succession, we are seeing that the buffer is getting overwritten and hence VPP handing of the message is going haywire.

Couple of questions in this regard:, 

1) When client sends message to VPP using memif, the vlib_buffer_t corresponding to this will still point to the shared memory only ? (or) does memif-input node copies separate vlib_buffer_t.  If it;s pointing to the shared memory, then, if client modifies the shared memory during this time, the vlib-buffer will get impacted, right ? 

2) I am also not sure , if our ring sizes are ok to handle messages of size 64KB . Here is the show memif output. Can you please let us know if the sizes seem fine.

interface memif0/1
  remote-name "Client"
  remote-interface "memif_conn"
  socket-id 0 id 1 mode ip
  flags admin-up connected
  listener-fd 40 conn-fd 41
  num-s2m-rings 1 num-m2s-rings 1 buffer-size 0 num-regions 2
  region 0 size 65792 fd 44
  region 1 size 264241152 fd 47
    master-to-slave ring 0:
      region 0 offset 32896 ring-size 2048 int-fd 53
      head 5349 tail 3301 flags 0x0000 interrupts 3098
    slave-to-master ring 0:
      region 0 offset 0 ring-size 2048 int-fd 50
      head 6602 tail 6602 flags 0x0001 interrupts 0

3) One more important point in this issue is: we are seeing this issue only when we are doing thread handoff of the received message from one worker to another worker.
When we handoff a message that is received from memif to another worker, do we need to clone the buffer ? Basically, is there anything that is localized to per worker in this scenario ?

Any inputs on this would really help us.


Thanks & Regards,

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