locked VPP committers: VPP PTL vote

Dave Barach



The self-nomination period closed yesterday. We had one self-nomination, from Damjan Marion. At this point, we can proceed with a vote.


I’m sure that Damjan will do a great job, so let me start:


Damjan Marion as VPP PTL: +1


Please vote +1, 0, -1. For once, the “reply-all” button is everyone’s friend.


Thanks... Dave


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I’m departing the employment rolls towards the end of next month. Although I intend to remain active in the fd.io vpp community as a coder, committer, and resident greybeard, it’s time for the community to pick a new PTL.


According to the project governance document, https://fd.io/docs/tsc/FD.IO-Technical-Community-Document-12-12-2017.pdf Project Technical Leader Candidates Candidates for the project’s PTL will be derived from the Committers of the Project. Candidates must self-nominate.


I'd like to invite any interested vpp project committer to self-nominate for the PTL role. Please email vpp-dev@....


Let's close the self-nomination period in one week: more specifically, by 5pm EDT on Thursday, September 24, 2020; committer vote to follow thereafter.


I'll be glad to answer unicast questions about the PTL role from eligible committers.


Thanks... Dave  







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