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Dave Barach

The feature arc infra handles dispatching packets from feature to feature, depending on the set of enabled features.

It's fine to define static arcs to e.g. error-drop, but there's no need to manually dispatch packets to the next feature node. Use vnet_get_config_data(...) to set next0 as shown below:

Top of the node dispatch function:

u8 arc_index = vnet_feat_arc_<arc_name>.feature_arc_index;
vnet_feature_config_main_t *cm = &fm->feature_config_mains[arc_index];

In single/dual/quad loops, per packet:

vnet_get_config_data (&cm->config_main, &b0->current_config_index, &next0, 0 /* sizeof (c0[0]) */ );

There are plenty of examples.

HTH... Dave

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i've implemented 2 plugins plgA and plgB

1. plgA is running immediately after 'device-input' node 2. plgB should run after plgA 3. interface-output should run after plgB

i set this these for plgA and plgB
VNET_FEATURE_INIT (plgA, static) =
.arc_name = "device-input",
.node_name = "plgA",
.runs_before = VNET_FEATURES ("plgB"), };

VNET_FEATURE_INIT (plgB, static) =
.arc_name = "plgA-input",
.node_name = "plgB",
.runs_before = VNET_FEATURES ("ethernet-input"), };

and i set the next0 accodingly in the nodes for example in plgA
next0 = AMETHYST_POLICER_NEXT_plgB_INPUT in plgB i set

are these settings OK ? is there any other setting required ?

Thank you in advance

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