locked VPP without DPDK for Aceess Points #vppwithoutdpdk


Hi All,

I am new to VPP, but quite impressed with concept. I was looking forward to integrate VPP with one of my Access Point which has a Broadcom NIC (ethernet) and 11ac Wifi chipset.

I want to read/write the packets to/from wired/wireless, and all the packets processing should be done by VPP.

After a bit of study what I found is, DPDK does not have pollmode drivers for wifi chipset, and I am not in a position to write the one.

So I am looking for a solution in which packets can be read/write from Hardware queues and given to VPP. Explored the tun/tap interface but not clear how to use that with VPP.

Anyone who did this before or have any idea or a step by step approach to accomplish this, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :) 


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