Integrating VPP and FRouting


Hello all, 

I am trying to integrate VPP with FRRouting. I have two nodes with the following configuration:

$ git clone
$ git clone
$ sudo apt-get install -y python-cffi python-pycparser
$ cd vpp
$ git checkout v18.10
$ ln -sf /home/user1/vppsb/netlink
$ ln -sf /home/user1/vppsb/router
$ ln -sf /home/user1/netlink/ build-data/packages/
$ ln -sf /home/user1/router/ build-data/packages/
$ cd build-root/
$ make V=0 PLATFORM=vpp TAG=vpp_debug install-deb netlink-install router-install
$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
$ sudo cp \
        /vpp/build-root/install-vpp_debug-native/router/lib64/ \

$ sudo ip addr flush dev ens33
$ sudo vppctl create host-interface name ens33
$ sudo vppctl set int state host-ens33 up
$ sudo vppctl set int ip addr host-ens33
$ sudo vppctl enable tap-inject
$ sudo vppctl show tap-inject
   host-ens33 -> vpp0

$ sudo ip addr add dev vpp0
$ sudo ip link set dev vpp0 up

$ sudo vtysh
# configure terminal 
# interface vpp0
# router ospf
# network area 0
# end

When I run tcpdump over vpp0 I see the Hello OSPF messages and also I see the VPP counter for host-ens33 is increasing but from other node I don't receive any packet. Is there any missing part in the steps?