VPP with router plugin, feature/stability issues


Hello everyone,

I've encountered a couple of scenarios where the router plugin doesn't seem to handle traffic properly.

In one scenario, if we create sub-interfaces (for VLAN), enable tap-inject, then attempt to receive this traffic on the host, we see none of the traffic. We have attempted to set VLAN interfaces on the host, using the hardware interface as base interface for receiving the tagged packets, so for example HundredGigabitEthernet1.100 is a subinterface for HundredGigabitEthernet1, we have HundredGigabitEthernet1 as vpp1 tap interface. We then create a sub interface on the host identified as vpp1.100. No traffic is see hitting vpp1 or vpp1.100, checked using tcpdump.

In another scenario using only hardware interfaces, if we enable tap-inject, setup the interface address in VPP and on the host, we see traffic correctly. However, as soon as we enable NAT on the inbound interface, the host no longer receives any traffic. Might there be an issue here in regards to which node gets the traffic, resulting in no traffic being passed on to the tap interfaces?

Any undocumented workarounds for either one? Anything we can provide to assist with potential bug solution to the above?